Pleas, the Police and Proposals on Public Safety

As a native resident of south Los Angeles and an active member of my block club, AGENDA, one of the issues that concerns me most is public safety.

The City Times article by staff writer Efrain Hernandez Jr. (cover story, Jan. 29) appears to give too much credit to Los Angeles Police Deputy Chief Mark A. Kroeker, South Bureau commanding officer and the person in charge of implementing community-based policing for this area.

Deputy Chief Kroeker is considered a dynamic speaker. In my view, he is merely an informed--or misinformed--structure of power, releasing his force on a community of citizens who are as concerned with public safety as any official.

He agreed to meet with AGENDA, other block clubs, church members, council representatives and any concerned community-based organizations in March, 1994. Suddenly, he misinformed everyone present, community-based policing was already in place. There would not be any changes, he stated.

AGENDA responded by constructing time-consuming proposals and delivering a petition to Chief Willie Williams. As a result of these efforts, Kroeker met with the community on Oct. 6, 1994, on the USC campus. During this meeting, Kroeker was polite, friendly and cordial. He took the time to listen. Kroeker agreed to present the proposals to Chief Williams. He agreed to implement some immediately.

It is with much regret that I inform you (that) none of the proposals have been implemented. We have consolidated our efforts with the hopes of witnessing our proposals implemented in a more timely manner.


South Los Angeles

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