Compiled by Chris Woodyard, Times staff writer

Growing Tour Line: Orange County's Gray Line bus operation is expanding into Los Angeles County.

Gray Line, the Dallas-based operator of tour buses worldwide, has appointed Jerry O'Connell, president of Pacific Coast Gray Line in Anaheim, to expand his operations to cover Los Angeles County as well.

That way, "it should be more convenient for travel agents and tour operators to work with one Gray Line office for all of Los Angeles and Orange County," O'Connell said.

The bus line offers sightseeing tours of major Southland tourist attractions, including rides past movie stars' homes and jaunts to Tijuana. It also provides daily service between Los Angeles area hotels and Disneyland.

Gray Line encourages travel agents to book passengers for tours before they arrive for Southland vacations, paying them a 10% commission. They book directly through the airlines' computerized reservation systems.

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