Use for City Space

As a former resident of the west San Fernando Valley, I was excited reading about the former Valley Music Theatre in Woodland Hills mentioned in "Local Performers Look for Place to Call Home," Feb. 12.

My wife and I recall the building of the Valley Theatre and the numerous productions which appeared in the theater. I recall seeing Charlton Heston in "A Man for All Seasons" and Buddy Ebsen in "Paint Your Wagon." For a number of years first-rate theatrical productions with name stars appeared at the theater. As time progressed, audience attendance began to drop and the productions began to dwindle. Eventually, the theater was sold to a religious group.

The Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza may be spared a similar fate since the Probst Center and the Forum are linked to City Hall. In the meantime, local theater groups seeking rehearsal and scenery-building space might consider the first city hall overlooking The Oaks mall. To date not much progress has been made in the sale of the building. Perhaps some accommodation could be made with the city for the use of the space for local theater groups until the facility is sold.


Newbury Park

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