MILITARY WASH: The grand restructuring of the...

MILITARY WASH: The grand restructuring of the nation's military bases, announced by the Pentagon Tuesday (B1), was largely a wash for Edwards Air Force Base. The Lancaster-based facility will add about a dozen more civilian and military jobs to its staff of 13,700. . . . Edwards will also receive additional weapons testing work from Utah's Hill Air Force Base.

OBSERVANCE: Thousands of people will line up today outside a huge tent in San Fernando, but they aren't expecting a circus act. . . . Catholic priests in the tent will place ashes on the foreheads of worshipers observing the first day of Lent, or Ash Wednesday. The tent is located next to the Santa Rosa Church, which is closed for earthquake repairs.

TRAIL OF JEERS: The trek to Florida was filled with promise of a new beginning for Chatsworth High grad Pete Kuld, above. But Kuld discovered that becoming a replacement player for the Cleveland Indians is no joy ride. Two fans welcomed Kuld to spring training with a rendition of the classic comedy bit, "Who's on First?" . . . The first story in a series about Valley residents chasing their baseball dreams begins today on C1.

LOVE FOR SALE: A popular Valley make-out spot could be kissed off the map . . . to make way for a scenic overlook. The nonprofit Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority wants to purchase a privately owned site known mostly as a roadside "park and smooch" atop Topanga Canyon Boulevard in the Santa Monica Mountains. Although the new, $788,000 vista would add pavement and park benches, lovers may lose out because it would be closed from dusk to dawn.

GOOD BUDDY: As a youth, Buddy Collette learned to play music from L.A.'s jazz legends. Now he's returning the favor. . . . The 73-year-old legend performed two concerts at Fulton Jr. High in Van Nuys as part of an outreach program teaching jazz appreciation to students (B3).

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