Simi Valley : Comcast Asks City to Reconsider Rate Cut

Comcast Cablevision has made a last-minute request for the Simi Valley City Council to reconsider its order to roll back rates.

Because of the lateness of the request Friday, city officials were unable to place the appeal on Monday night's agenda, Mayor Greg Stratton said.

"First of all, the Brown Act says we can't," Stratton said. "And, second of all, as far as I can tell, there wouldn't be anything to put on the agenda."

Stratton said that because the company failed to negotiate a compromise agreement with city staff, the council would have nothing to deliberate.

"We don't have an agreement, so I'm not exactly sure what we would vote on," he said. "There were specific deadlines that they were supposed to meet and they missed them. They are welcome to come and talk to us, but the window of opportunity was missed."

Comcast has until March 17 to appeal the rate rollbacks and refunds to the Federal Communications Commission.

On Friday, Comcast Regional Vice President Jeff Carlson was still holding out hope that the council would reconsider the rate change. He would not say whether the company would appeal to the FCC.

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