Gov. Pete Wilson

Your headline (Feb. 26) says, "Wilson Backs Affirmative Action Measure." The sub-head continues, "GOP convention cheers governor's promise to rescind programs by executive order. However, straw poll fins only 14% of state delegates would support him for President."

What does the result of the straw poll tell us? It tells us that Wilson's demagogic attempt to gain favor for his presidential run certainly didn't work with his own GOP delegates, and it won't work with the voting public either.

We still need affirmative action and not only for minorities; many forget that it has opened doors for women also. The public is tiring of these mean-spirited attempts by certain politicians to gain favor with the electorate. We want to know what politicians propose to do for the people, not to certain segments of the population.



* I salute Gov. Wilson for his guts to speak out about affirmative action and immigration. He is aware of what is good or bad for the state and the nation.



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