Death Valley Details

Benjamin Epstein's "Dune Illusions" (Feb. 5) was somewhat inaccurate as a result of the October enactment of the California Desert Protection Act. First, the map showed the old boundary of Death Valley National Monument, not that of the expanded National Park. The lands involved in that expansion are closer to 1.4 million acres, not 1 million, and include the northern portion of Panamint Valley. As a result, there is now a fourth source of food and lodging inside Death Valley National Park--the Panamint Springs Resort, astride California 190. Although the resort has had a spotty history, under new ownership it is now open year-round.



Apple Valley

Epstein replies: The Times' map did reflect the old monument boundaries, not those of the new national park. Regarding the acreage added: According to park naturalist Charlie Callagan, "rangers usually round it off to 1 million, but it's actually 1.27. "

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