Hunting: Taking Aim at Language in Letter

I was amazed at Anthony J. Tobin's mean-spirited response to your Dec. 15 article "The Night of the Hunter."

According to the American Heritage Dictionary (third edition), a hunter is "one who hunts game," and a poacher is "one who hunts or fishes illegally on the property of another."

But according to Mr. Tobin, "poachers illegally shoot game for personal gain" whereas a hunter is "a law-abiding individual, who, in the spirit of fair chase, harvests game animals for food." I personally think Mr. Tobin made those definitions up.

Instead of attacking the author personally, Mr. Tobin--in the spirit of fair play--would have been better off saying what, besides her choice of words, he found so offensive. I on the other hand found the article so well-written and informative that I'd like to thank Renee Tawa, the author, for a job well done.

As a hunter, Mr. Tobin should know better than to shoot the messenger just because he doesn't like the message.



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