LOLLAPALOOZA II: The pairing of the Clash...

LOLLAPALOOZA II: The pairing of the Clash and Snoop at the top of Lollapalooza '95 would provide the cross-genre ideal that tour founder Perry Farrell has always espoused.

But is Snoop even going to be available? The rapper is charged with murder, having driven the car from which shots were fired that killed a man last August. Snoop and his two co-defendants claim the shooting was in self-defense. The trial is slated to begin April 19, less than three months before Lollapalooza is set to roll.

What may make Snoop able to tour is that co-defendant Shawn Abram is represented by attorney Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., who is also defending O.J. Simpson. The Snoop trial can't begin until Cochran is available. Lollapalooza organizers are apparently betting that the Simpson trial won't be over until the tour closes in September. Snoop's lawyer, David Kenner, was not available to comment.

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