This Wild Bunch Had a Blast

The testosterone was oozing at an opening-day showing last week of "The Wild Bunch," the classic Sam Peckinpah shoot-'em-up-real-good Western re-released in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

The crowd outside the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood confirmed this was definitely guys' night out. Men abounded--old, young, Western gear-wearing nerds, leather-jacketed yuppies, goatee-sporting Bohemians. Women were scarce, and the few we spotted had unmistakable "What have I gotten myself into?" looks on their faces.

We knew we were knee-deep in this XY-chromosome fest when the audience began screaming approval even as the curtains pulled back to accommodate the 70-millimeter film. When the line "If they move . . . kill 'em!" was uttered, the crowd went nuts.

But the one thing that cemented our fear that we were trapped in the Land o' Dudes was when the guy behind us let out a loud, throaty, first-class belch.


Serving Up O.J.: O.J. Simpson defense attorneys Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, Gerald Uelmen, Alan Dershowitz and Simpson pal Robert Kardashian have all been seen dining at The Grill in Beverly Hills at one time or another during the trial. Indeed, their presence moved attorney Ed Hookstratten (who is not defending Simpson) to dub the first row of booths "murderer's row" for that very reason.

Then last week, Grill diners' eyes were popping when Nicole Brown Simpson's friend and sort-of biographer Faye Resnick made it evident she is no longer in hiding. Resnick was doing lunch there with her publisher, Michael Viner.


Oscar Dish And now a word from Bernard Erpicum on the Academy Awards soiree scene. Although no magazine or charity will host a party at his restaurant, Eclipse, he will be doing his own thing. After all, Erpicum was maitre d' at Spago all those years when Swifty Lazar was tossing his famous Oscar dos.

(Actually, Steven Seagal had intended to host the Eclipse party, but was called into Oscar presenting duty--for special effects--instead.)

Besides arranging television sets around the room, Erpicum will offer (in addition to the regular menu) a $45 fixed price, three-course dinner, which will include some Oscar-shaped desserts. It all gets under way at 5:45 p.m. and will continue long after the telecast ends.


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