THE GOODS : So Small, Tiny Tim Would Want It


The new PocketJet portable printer does fit in a pocket. Just introduced by Pentax Technologies, the tiny device is one of the smallest and lightest portable PC printers ever produced. It measures 10 by 2.2 by 1.2 inches and weighs only 17.5 ounces, including battery.

PocketJet prints text and graphics at 300 dots per inch with laser quality, features normally found only in desktop printers. It has a three-page-per-minute print speed. But it does require thermal paper, similar to some fax paper.

PocketJet is powered by a rechargeable battery that prints 30-35 pages per charge. It comes with an AC adapter/battery charger. A battery recharge takes 70 minutes.

PocketJet ($499) also comes with 100 letter-size sheets of thermal paper (replacement packs cost $7.99) and a carrying case. It’s available nationwide at computer and electronics stores. In Los Angeles you can find it at Fry’s or Microage. Or call Pentax Technologies’ consumer information number, (800) 543-6144.


Put an End to the Blinking 12:00

In time for Daylight Savings, consider Sony’s three new HiFi VCRs introduced last week. They have AutoClock Set, so you never have to worry about manually changing the time.

The new Sony models use a time signal broadcast by PBS to automatically ensure the clock and the date are correct so you can record your favorite programs.

The VCR clocks also have a large florescent display, making it easy to see the time from across the room. The display also shows the channel, tape remaining and hours, minutes and seconds.


The AutoClock Set feature is included in the HiFi models: SLV-740HF ($449), SLV-780HF ($499) and SLV-940HF ($549). They are available nationwide at electronic and department stores or by calling Sony’s customer service number, (800) 222-SONY.

Now You Can Readily Reflect

Here’s another candidate for the “why didn’t somebody think of this before?” category: Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirror, a dime-sized mirror that attaches to the top of lipstick cases with flat tops.

Developed by San Mateo inventor Mary Ellen Hills, the tiny round mirror is scratch-resistant and unbreakable. Just peel off the paper backing and stick it on.

Hills is marketing similar tiny mirrors for contact lens cases. A twin pack of lipstick or contact lens mirrors costs $1.99. They’re available at Long’s Drugs, Drug Emporium or through Hills Industries, (800) 573-1760.