$85,000 in Her Car and Food Stamps in Her Wallet

Associated Press

Police found food stamps in a woman's wallet and nearly $85,000 in her car's trunk after a traffic stop.

State trooper T. L. Barksdale warned Constance Harper that it was illegal for her to have air fresheners hanging from her rearview mirror. He said that after she allowed to him to search the car, he found the money in a brown tweed handbag in denominations up to $100.

Harper said she earned the money from making and selling handbags, and that she had not paid taxes on the sales, according to state police spokeswoman Mary Evans.

Police seized the cash because they said it may have been obtained illegally. Harper, 32, of Raleigh, N.C., received only a warning for the traffic violation.

The money will be placed in an interest-bearing account pending a court hearing.

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