Soka University

* Re your editorial on Soka University (March 5):

You accuse Soka University of being callous to the environmental needs of Calabasas yet fault SULA for an overly conscientious environmental impact report. You use the word "ambitious" simply because SULA plans to do what it always intended to do, which was to open a liberal arts college on its own land!

If homeowners in Calabasas and Times editorial critics familiarized themselves with the tenets of a Soka education by reading "Education for Creative Living" by T. Makiguchi (Iowa State University, 1989), they would come to understand how integral community and environment are to such an educational endeavor. Perhaps then, the thinly veiled "environment" argument could be lifted, and "eminent domain" threats would subside long enough for a real dialogue to take place about why opposition to Soka University really exists.


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