Now you see it, now you don't: The slightly rumpled unconstructed look of seasons past has vanished into thin air, and in its place, the crisply tailored suit has materialized. As designers begin moving away from boxy, high-buttoned jackets, look for deep-V-shaped one- and two-button styles that create the illusion of broader shoulders and a trimmer waist. Underneath, ribbed sweaters provide a body-conscious alternative to shirts, suggesting more well-toned muscle than meets the eye. Satin, sharkskin and assorted synthetics ensure plenty of shine, while formal attire and pale patent-leather accessories are transformed from geek to cool. Yes, it's hip to wear ruffled shirts (skip the bow tie) and white belts, even baby-blue argyles and loafers. How to pull it off? Showmanship.

Produced and styled by Michael Eisenhower and Bob Sparkman

Hair and makeup: Cheryl Marks/Celestine L.A.; models: Gary Dourdan/Boss Models, New York, and Tony Ward/Wilhelmina L.A.

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