Exiled King

* One wonders how an article like "Exiled King Brings Lonely Battle to L.A." (March 18) gets to be written.

First the sympathetic headline includes "Lonely Battle." Battle for or against what? To regain his throne and recoup the wealth and power that a throne suggests? And perhaps his "Battle" is lonely because no one with any civility wants to join it.

The article further states that "King" Kigeli V of Rwanda has been living off gifts and has applied for food stamps. There is no suggestion that his majesty is unable to work. Why doesn't he work? Work is the ethic of a civilized culture.

As for the article's statement that he is supported by the Monarchist League, didn't we have a rebellion to get rid of monarchy? The article further states that "the absence of royalty leaves a vacuum filled by the likes of Hitler or Idi Amin." Or, as in the U.S. case, the absence is filled by the likes of George Washington. And further, the regular succession in a monarchy ultimately leads to the likes of Ivan the Terrible, Richard III or Caligula, just to name a very few.

I do not understand why this country allows the entry of a man like the king. He here to beg, get free food stamps--but not to work.

The very concept of a monarchy is anathema to a democratic mind. He should be deported, not lauded by The Times.



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