Hillary Clinton Visits India Orphanage

Associated Press

There were no children singing at Mother Teresa's orphanage when Hillary Rodham Clinton came calling on Tuesday, and the First Lady couldn't have been happier about that.

The youngsters who had been preparing to perform were gone--all adopted. So Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, instead joined in as nuns from the Missionaries of Charity gave a heartfelt but unpolished performance of their own.

The orphanage was Clinton's first public appearance on a three-day visit to India that is part of a South Asia tour. She has been to Pakistan and will also visit Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The First Lady is focusing her attention on the needs of women and children. About 80% of the orphanage's youngsters are girls.

Mother Teresa was unable to meet with Clinton because she was in Vietnam. The two women have been corresponding about setting up a facility in the U.S. capital for children awaiting adoption, aides said.

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