LAW ENFORCEMENT : Arcadia Bias Suit Dismissed

A federal judge has dismissed a $1-million lawsuit against the Arcadia Police Department that alleged harassment by officers of patrons of a popular hamburger restaurant.

U.S. District Judge Robert Kelleher dismissed the lawsuit on March 17.

The suit, filed in July, 1994, by Richard and Beverly Hayden, alleged that police unfairly rousted the young Latino auto enthusiasts who frequented the couple's business, the Burger Palace on West Las Tunas Drive.

Richard Hayden said Wednesday that he had no comment.

Their lawsuit was one of two discrimination suits filed against the Arcadia police in 1994. Deborah Pierce, 30, of Glendora, alleged in her suit that former Police Chief Neal R. Johnson had used racial slurs and that she was subjected to a hostile working environment. Pierce was fired 16 months into an 18-month probationary period.

Police officials have denied Pierce's allegations.

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