SANTA MONICA : Council Considers Plan to Register Ammunition Sales


Following the lead of other cities, the Santa Monica City Council is making plans to regulate the sales of ammunition in an effort to curb gun violence and assist police in investigating shootings.

On Tuesday, the council asked city staff to draft an ordinance that requires ammunition vendors to register the names and addresses of people who buy ammunition. The law would be similar to one passed last month by Pasadena and another tentatively approved by West Hollywood.

Santa Monica Mayor Paul Rosenstein said that passing the ammunition law was a reasonable thing to do and that he hopes other communities will follow suit.


Pasadena was the first city in the nation to adopt a law calling for the registration of ammunition sales. A similar law is being drafted in West Hollywood.

The Santa Monica ordinance, which must return to the council for final approval, would require anyone buying ammunition to show proof of age. It also would require buyers to fill out registration forms that would list the type and amount of ammunition purchased.

Santa Monica has six authorized firearm dealers, including sporting good stores and pawn shops, according to business license listings.