A Good Hair Day : Prosecutor Marcia Clark Sheds Curls for a New Look


He designed the 1970 “Charlie’s Angels” mane of Farrah Fawcett and created the famous “frump” cut for Diane Keaton in the movie “Annie Hall.”

Now Allen Edwards’ scissors have once again sliced a place for him in the limelight--this time for the new hairstyle of O.J. Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark, who returned to court Tuesday with a darker, straighter shag.

But even for a stylist who is accustomed to creating some of Hollywood’s most buzzed-about styles, the attention stirred up by Clark’s new do was a bit unnerving. By midafternoon, Edwards was inundated with more than 30 requests for interviews, from American Journal to ABC Radio News.

“I had a feeling people would react strongly,” he said. “But not like this. It’s just huge.”


Clark almost looked like Sigourney Weaver, only more professional. Applause broke out among people waiting to enter the courtroom, including some reporters, when Clark walked past. “Get a life,” laughed Clark, who obliged her admirers with a little pirouette.

The transformation started on Friday, when Clark called Edwards--who runs several salons in the Los Angeles area--to complain that she couldn’t get her hair to curl properly. Edwards worked late Friday evening to fit Clark into his schedule at his Studio City salon.

At a cost of $150, Edwards trimmed and dyed Clark’s hair a shade of auburn, replacing her trademark curls with a modified shag. On Tuesday morning, Edwards stopped at the prosecutor’s home to blow-dry her new look--a service he provides for many of his famous clients, including Dustin Hoffman and Donna Mills.

“We can only do curl for so long and we both got tired of it,” Edwards said of the prosecutor’s new style. “It’s her.”


This is the second time Clark has changed her hairstyle in the globally televised O.J. Simpson murder trial, where much has been made of the appearances of the major players.

Last summer, Clark had her shoulder-length curls trimmed to the neckline--a hairstyle also created by Edwards, who offered his services to Clark after watching the prosecutor on television during the preliminary hearing.

“I hated her hair long,” he said.

The latest change did not pass without a few remarks. Noted Deputy Dist. Atty. Christopher A. Darden: “Marcia told me that her hair was naturally curly.”