Women Accept China’s Deal on Forum

<i> Reuters</i>

Organizers of a global women’s forum have accepted China’s controversial decision to move the event out of Beijing, but only after winning an increase in the number of people allowed to attend, U.N. sources said Thursday.

About 1,300 non-governmental organizations are accredited to attend the Forum on Women from Aug. 30 to Sept. 8. In April the forum’s Chinese hosts sparked an outcry in the West by moving the venue from Beijing to rural Huairou.

Huairou, about 40 miles north of Beijing, had been condemned as remote and inadequate. But the site was accepted after Beijing reportedly agreed to allow 36,000 people to take part, up from a 20,000 limit.

China also agreed to install as many as 3,500 international telephone lines and arrange bus transportation between Huairou and a Sept. 4-11 U.N. women’s conference in Beijing, sources said.