MOORPARK : Caltrans to Remove ‘Truck Route’ Signs

In its latest effort to curb truck traffic through downtown, the city of Moorpark has persuaded Caltrans to remove highway signs marking California 118 as a preferred truck route.

Local officials said that although it will not likely cause a huge drop in the number of trucks that use California 118, which bisects the city, it may keep truckers unfamiliar with the area from taking the route.

“It will still be a route that truckers use, but at least it won’t be promoted as a preferred route,” said Lt. Marty Rouse, who heads up the Moorpark enforcement division for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

Along with persuading the California Department of Transportation to make the change, Rouse and Moorpark City Councilman Patrick Hunter negotiated with the California Highway Patrol earlier this year to beef up truck inspections in the city.


For years, Moorpark has endured legions of trucks barreling through town, and city officials have always worried that the increasing truck traffic would lead to major accidents.

This spring, the CHP agreed to add an officer to patrol the route through town, pulling over trucks that have obvious safety violations. Two other officers also pull over trucks for more detailed inspections at the edge of town.

“All these things together are going to lead to making it a safer route,” Hunter said.