Heidi Fleiss

* Regarding Heidi Fleiss' most recent loss ("Fleiss Found Guilty of Tax Violations," Aug. 11) in the courts:

How is it that Divine Brown is able to prosper and Hugh Grant's pathetic apology has re-endeared him to so many? Charlie Sheen's "bad boy" image was simultaneously condoned and pardoned as his backbone dissolved before our eyes during his taped testimony, telling more than he was even asked to admit to, with his addition that he'd paid in cash as well as checks to Fleiss--while all Heidi's gotten is unrelenting disdain?

What has she done so awful that any of the above-mentioned haven't done? What is it about her that she's been singled out to pay for what thousands of others have done and are doing?

Keep in mind that nobody's been sliced, battered, ripped off or any other of a host of crimes committed by individuals who somehow merit a following of supporters. People rally to the defense of everyone from murder suspects to convicted rapists, yet I've tried in vain to assemble a supportive network to try to see that this lone woman isn't made to pay for the "crimes" (I still can't locate a victim) of innumerable pleasure-seekers.


Beverly Hills

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