Countywide : Company Selected to Keep Heavy Equipment in Shape


The county has selected a firm from the City of Industry to help maintain its fleet of Caterpillar equipment.

Shepherd Machinery Corp. could be paid as much as $495,000 during fiscal 1996. The Board of Supervisors approved the contract at a meeting last week.

Officials from the General Services Agency will determine on a case-by-case basis whether to request the firm’s help in repairing Caterpillar equipment. In some cases, the county should be able to fix the equipment without help from Shepherd.


A county report on the subject said the contract “is essential to maintaining a sufficient amount of equipment to support daily operations.”

The heavy equipment is used for public-works projects and at the county’s landfills, among other places.

At the board meeting Aug. 29, a few residents suggested the county might save money by using a different repair outfit. County officials said other nearby firms were contacted but chose not to bid on the contract.