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* Today, 7 p.m: Actress Juliana Margulies, Emmy-winningstar of the TV series "ER," in an on-line chat. Keyword: Oldsmobile

* Thursday, 7 p.m: Billy West, the voice of cartoon characters Ren and Stimpy, in an on-line conference. Keyword: Centerstage


* Today, 6 p.m: Comedians Kevin Murphy and Trace Beaulieu, who appear in "Mystery Science Theater 3000," answer questions about the show. Go STEIN

* Thursday, 3 p.m: Rieva Lesonsky, editor in chief ofEntrepreneur magazine, talks about turning ideas into businessopportunities. Go CONVENTION


* Today, 7 p.m: Author John Wynne discusses his newbook, which features reviews of more than 2,000 books on tapein a Prodigy on-line chat. Jump: CHAT INTERNET

* If you're a fan of the popular TV show "The X-Files," you can browse an on-line episode guide, talk about paranormal phenomena with series star David Duchovny and read a psychic's predictions about the show. Http://

* Learn a new word in the English vocabulary each day at the Wordsmith site. You can even subscribe to a free mailing list and get a new word and its definition e-mailed to you daily.Http://

* 3-D weather images processed from U.S. weather satellitescan be viewed at

* IBM recently launched a site that allows users to search through multiple Internet sites and Usenet news groups. Registration is required but searching is free. The site includes access to the Open Text Index, which searches more than 1 million World Wide Web home pages, gophers and FTPsites. Http://

* Interested in fishing, hiking, backpacking, climbing,surfing or skiing? Information about these outdoor activities and links to more than 600 related sites can be found at

* More outdoor resources for canoeing and hiking, including a great list of hot new sites to visit, can be viewed at

* The Conspiracy site, one of the most intriguing sites around, is a collection of links and information about famous conspiracies, UFOs, Cold War crimes and secret government agencies. Strap on your radiation goggles and try

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