"All along we've known that he was innocent and we've known that there should be a just verdict and today's ruling just reiterates that the justice system does work here in America."

-- Terry Baker, one of Simpson's nieces.


"We stand here with our heads held high knowing that we did everything professionally possible to seek justice in this case."

--Dist. Atty. Gil Garcetti


"I think I have to believe it. It's happening. Nothing shocks me anymore."

--Prosecutor Christopher Darden


"I feel like standing on top of this table and dancing a jig."

--Shirley Baker, O.J. Simpson's sister


"If the guy [Simpson] didn't have the money, he'd be sitting behind bars for the rest of his life".

--Councilman Nate Holden


"Race plays a part of everything in America. When we stop ducking and dodging that fact we'll all be better off."

--Defense attorney Johnny L. Cochran Jr.


"They let a murderer go."

-- Detective Bill Baxter at police headquarters


"It's awesome. Justice has been served, I guess. Whether it's equal justice, I don't know."

-- Councilman Richard Alatorre.


"Last June 13th was the worst nightmare of my life. . .This is the second."

--Fred Goldman, father of victim Ron Goldman


"Ladies and gentleman, I am now going to excuse you from further service on this case."

----Judge Lance A. Ito, speaking to the jurors, who had been sequestered for more than 260 days in the nearly nine-month trial.

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