For a moment, the nation paused as Americans--from coffee shops to Wall Street to the White House--gathered around TV sets to watch the finale of the "Trial of the Century."

* In Miami Beach, sun-seekers joined people in business suits at seaside bars to watch the verdict.

* In Georgia, Sen. Sam Nunn put off a speech about his political future while former Secretary of State James Baker postponed a lunch to promote his new book at the National Press Club in Washington.

* President Clinton interrupted a meeting in the Oval Office to watch the verdict.

* The Los Angeles City Council and County Board of Supervisors delayed their sessions.

* In Los Angeles, a reunion was cancelled of the original Mouseketeers, and a debut of the tapir at the zoo was lost amid the glare of publicity at the courthouse.


Trading volume on the New York Stock Exchange dropped sharply during the televised reading of the Simpson verdict, according to these statistics measuring trading volume in half-hour increments.

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