From Our Mailbox

Last week, we received a letter from Thomas L. Canino. He's the author of "The Mountain Cookbook," which was featured a year ago in our Newsbites column. Slogan: "Waste no doe. Save a buck." We include the following excerpt from the letter as a cautionary tale: You can get too much of a good thing.

". . . The wonderful part was that I received many phone calls with orders. The unfortunate part was that the 800 number [from the cookbook letterhead] was included in the column for ordering purposes. This number was for my office at A.G. Edwards and was intended only for an editor who might wish to phone me. The first day, 110 calls came in. My manager was furious. I am now with another brokerage firm. . . .

Undeterred, Mountain Man goes on: "This year, I have my own 800 number...." It's (800) 736-7955. Our question: What's Mountain Man doing at a brokerage firm?

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