Aide Ties March to Support for Farrakhan

From the Washington Post

The top aide to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said Thursday that anyone who attends Monday's Million Man March on Washington is expressing support for Farrakhan and his beliefs, contradicting recent statements by Farrakhan himself and other march leaders.

Leonard Muhammad, Farrakhan's chief of staff, said at a news conference that the march will serve as a barometer of support for Farrakhan and confirm his position as "a leader of black people." In recent statements, Farrakhan and other organizers have described the march as a "broad-based event" not designed to proselytize for the Nation of Islam.

"The people that are coming to Washington, D.C., whether they are in a position to say it or not, are coming because they support the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, and that's a fact," Muhammad said. His statements came only hours after a spokesman for President Clinton expressed hope that the march would produce "a positive outcome." The White House previously had been less optimistic.

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