A Simple Way to Fill CAA's Vacant Office

We are deeply moved by Claudia Eller's coverage of Creative Artists Agency during its delicate recovery phase ("Day One at CAA Sans the Mighty Ovitz," Oct. 3).

But before the drastic decision to make Michael Ovitz's office into a sort of corporate rumpus room is institutionalized, consider this modest proposal:

Historically, long-distance motor races have begun with the Le Mans-type start: The drivers run for their cars, vault in, start engines and speed off to battle.

Why not assemble all of CAA in the spacious lobby, then drop a bottle of Perrier from the upper level? As it shatters on the marble floor, agents, associates and the support staff race up stairs and elevators. Whoever gets to Ovitz's office and gets Mike on the phone first inherits the place.

All competitors will be outfitted in full corporate wardrobe. High heels may be removed, but running shoes will be strictly prohibited.

With that office occupied, perhaps redecorated with framed covers of Field and Stream magazine, imagine the plasma of confidence that will once again flow through employees and clients of CAA!


Santa Monica

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