In the 1991 City Slickers (ABC Sunday...

In the 1991 City Slickers (ABC Sunday at 9 p.m.), plunking city boys Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern and Bruno Kirby onto the range is not exactly the freshest of gambits, but it's a funny one all the same. The trio of longtime buddies take a two-week vacation from their unrewarding jobs and family hassles to drive cattle from New Mexico to Colorado, where they meet Jack Palance's Curly, the black-garbed trail boss who gives even the cattle the willies. Palance won a supporting actor Oscar for his comic performance.

UFO movies may have fallen out of fashion, but Showtime's 1994 Roswell (KCOP Monday at 8 p.m.) dramatically re-examines the social and human side of a controversial 1947 UFO sighting that occurred outside *Roswell,* N.M., the then-home of the 509th (Atomic) Bombardment Group that leveled Nagasaki and Hiroshima two years earlier. *Roswell* is not so much a space odyssey but the story of a man's lost soul, that of an Air Force intelligence officer (Kyle MacLachlan) doggedly searching for the truth.

In the 1992 My Cousin Vinny (Fox Tuesday at 8 p.m.), Joe Pesci is surprisingly touching in this often funny but very uneven comedy about a New York lawyer (Pesci) who defends his cousin (Ralph Macchio) and friend against a murder rap in Alabama. Marisa Tomei, as Vinny's girlfriend, is an inspired kook--and won an Oscar for her kookiness.

The 1973 animated Robin Hood (KTLA Saturday at 5 p.m.) is as sprightly as any other celluloid version of the foxy Outlaw of Sherwood. The charm is aided by the voices of Brian Bedford (Robin Hood), Terry-Thomas (Sir Hiss) and Peter Ustinov (Prince John).

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