2 Die as Rioting Racks Slum in Kenyan Capital

From Reuters

Ethnic riots erupted for a second day Monday in a sprawling slum in the Kenyan capital. Two people were killed, witnesses said.

"The fighting is in full force; blood flows," a Kibera slum resident said.

Fighting between groups of Luos and Nubians started Sunday when two people were killed in Kibera, where brick houses, cardboard dwellings and thatched huts house an estimated 300,000 people.

Riot police patrolled the streets of the slum late Monday as police helicopters swooped low overhead.

Youths scoured the area, hunting for members of rival groups.

The violence pits the populous Luo tribe against Nubians, who left their traditional home in Sudan to settle in Kenya.

The fighting has political overtones because Luos dominate the Forum for Restoration of Democracy-Kenya opposition party while Nubians are perceived as supporters of the ruling Kenya African National Union.

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