Three Cheers for the 'Million Man March'

I thoroughly enjoyed Mike Terry's First Person perspective of the Million Man March in "For a Moment at Least, an America for Everyone" (Oct. 18).

As a middle-class white man, I have never had to experience the racism that so strongly exists in today's society. I've never had to experience being pulled over by a peace officer because of my color. I've never had to experience salespeople following me around a store, waiting to catch me stealing something because of my color. And I've never had to fly 3,500 miles to a march just to feel a sense of solidarity with people of my own race.

While I strongly oppose some of the beliefs of the Nation of Islam leader, I do believe the march was a step in the right direction. While "white America" will never be able to know the feeling of hate that comes with racism, I hope that the march will at least help to open communication that will help us to understand it and realize how much the black community has to offer.


Long Beach

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