National CancerInformation Service

(800) 4-CANCER. Information on cancer, its diagnosis and treatment, availability of clinical trials and referrals to local services. Operated by the National Cancer Institute.

American Cancer Society

(714) 751-0441. P.O. Box 25210, Santa Ana, CA 92799. Offers a variety of patient services as well as general information, literature and videos.


Orange County Radiological Health Program (Santa Ana) answers questions about mammography and providers, certifies providers and responds to complaints. (714) 667-3605 or (714) 667-3700.

Reduced-cost screening

Clinical exams and/or mammography for those who qualify are available from the following groups.

American Cancer Society (Santa Ana). Low-cost mammograms. (714) 751-0441.

Komen Breast Cancer Early Detection Program (Santa Ana). Free for seniors and low-income women. (714) 480-5222. In Spanish, (800) 883-8841.

Mana (Orange). Free for low-income Latinas. (714) 502-8049.

Orange County Breast Cancer Partnership (Santa Ana). Free for low-income women. (714) 834-3695 or (800) 298-0800.


Free instruction on doing breast self-examinations is available.

American Cancer Society (Santa Ana). Videos and instructors available for groups. Free classes conducted year-round. (714) 751-0441.

The Breast Care Center at St. Joseph Medical Plaza (Orange). Free weekly classes conducted all year. (714) 541-0101.

YWCA-OC Encore Plus Program (Santa Ana). Free instruction for individuals or groups. (714) 871-4488.

Many hospitals also offer programs.


The American Cancer Society offers a number of free services to those with breast cancer. (714) 751-0441. Services include:

Early support. Volunteers will discuss breast cancer and its effects by phone with anyone calling.

'Reach to Recovery.' Breast cancer survivors will visit and counsel newly diagnosed patients.

'Man to Man.' Men whose partners have breast cancer counsel men whose partners have been recently diagnosed.

'Look Good, Feel Better.' Instruction, free cosmetics and free wigs for women suffering the side effects of chemotherapy.

Support groups. Referrals are made to nearby groups.

Transportation. Volunteers driving vans or cars will drive patients to and from treatment appointments.

Sickroom equipment. Items such as hospital beds and bed tables are provided on loan.


Additional Orange County sources of information on breast cancer:

Breast Care Center at St. Joseph Medical Plaza, 1140 W. La Veta Ave., Suite 460. Orange, CA 92668. (714) 541-0101.

Comprehensive Breast Health Center, 999 N. Tustin Ave., Suite 109, Santa Ana, CA 92705. (714) 480-3930.

Center for Breast Care, 11180 Warner Ave., Suite 151, Fountain Valley CA 92708. (714) 966-5001.

Hoag Cancer Center, 4000 W. Pacific Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA 92663. (714) 760-5542.

Saddleback Breast Center, 24421 Health Center Drive, Laguna Hills, CA 92653. (714) 452-7200.


Some books recommended by the American Cancer Society:

"Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book" (second edition, 1995) by Susan M. Love, M.D.

"Breast Cancer: The Complete Guide" (1992) by Yasher Hirshaut, M.D., and Peter I. Pressman, M.D.

"The Informed Woman's Guide to Breast Health, Breast Changes That Are Not Cancer" (1992) by Kerry McGuinn.

"An Informed Decision: Understanding Breast Reconstruction" (1984) by Marilyn Snyder.

"Breast Health Resource Guide" (1995) by the Orange County Breast Cancer Coalition, a booklet listing locally provided services. Available free from the American Cancer Society in Santa Ana.

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