San Bernardino

* "A City Racked by Woe" (Oct. 10) merely rehashed old information about crime and unemployment in San Bernardino. The influx on new employers finding a well-qualified work force, tremendous values in real estate, and a community focused on development are encouraging signs for this city's bright future. Santa Fe is investing over $150 million in its San Bernardino distribution facility, making it an important transportation rail hub for Southern California. Our state university and close neighbors, Loma Linda University and University of Redlands, have made approximately $400 million in capital improvements in the last few years.

Ongoing private investments of significant proportion on Hospitality Lane, a modern business, shopping and restaurant area near the I-10 rival what you would find in Orange and Los Angeles counties. Plans for a world trade center at the former Norton Air Force Base as well as a developing international airport are further encouragement that this area indeed has a bright future. In the last 19 months alone, the city has successfully brought over 3,000 new jobs to the community.

Regrettably, you decided to report only one segment of the story. We welcome you back for the other part!


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San Bernardino

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