FBI Director Freeh

* I find myself less refreshed than The Times by FBI Director Louis J. Freeh's concession of error at Ruby Ridge, over three years after that despicable event (editorial, Oct. 22). In a letter to the Wall Street Journal Jan. 26, Freeh denied that a cover-up had been attempted. It took the diligent questioning by Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) and the members of his committee to finally come closer to the truth. Freeh had earlier thumbed his nose at critics by promoting his friend Larry Potts acting deputy director.

Transgressions of those in law enforcement are not limited to the FBI and the BATF. The excellent reporting by The Times in the story of the 1993 killing of [Ventura County rancher] Donald Scott gives ample evidence that those charged with law enforcement at all levels can sometimes cross all acceptable bounds.

The Times apparently could not resist a cheap shot at those it classifies as "extremists." Had it not been for those you call "extremists" both Waco and Ruby Ridge would likely have been long forgotten.



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