Benefit Cuts

Proposed cuts in government benefits (SSI, food stamps, Medicaid and student aid) to legal immigrants are unfair and mean-spirited. Legal immigrants work hard and play by the rules. We pay all the same taxes as citizens and continually have to work harder than others in order to integrate ourselves into this economy.

What is the basis for denying benefits to legal immigrants in the event of hardships? Are we protected from being laid off from our jobs? Are we immune from health problems? How can the government justify taking away the safety net that we also pay into through our taxes?

U.S. companies hire, terminate and change the benefit programs for employees freely. Does the government have a proposal to change these U.S. business practices?

When I came to the U.S., I left a country that discriminated against me because of my ethnic origin. I could not attend certain public schools or participate in parts of the economy because of my ethnicity. I came to the U.S. to work hard, integrate into society and become a productive American. Despite playing by all the rules and paying taxes for government programs, I will again be excluded because of my national origin. I wonder if I am destined to relive my history?



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