San Gabriel Valley : Sex Offender Set to Be Paroled Sunday

Only a miracle or a “psychotic episode” will keep four-time sex offender Ted Jamerson off the streets Sunday, when he is scheduled to be released from the Vacaville State Prison, said Christine May, spokeswoman for the state Department of Corrections.

Jamerson, whose most recent victim was a 15-year-old Pasadena girl who was molested in 1993, passed a third psychological examination Thursday that determined he has no mental disorders. But women’s activists and Assemblyman Bill Hoge (R-Pasadena) are asking Gov. Pete Wilson to consider ordering a fourth examination.

“How can anyone pass a psychological examination when he hasn’t received rehabilitation in prison?” asked Susan Carpenter McMillan, Women’s Coalition president.

The governor’s office would not comment about whether Wilson would request another examination, but J.P. Tremblai of the Youth and Adult Corrections Board said that “we’ve done all the tests that we can do under the law.”


Jamerson has been convicted four times since 1973 on various sexual assault charges, including rape.

Jamerson’s scheduled release comes after 16 months of a 28-month sentence.

Pasadena Police Sgt. Rick Averson said Jamerson will most likely be sent to live in San Bernardino or San Diego. But after his parole ends in February, “he could be back in this community.”