Sherman Oaks : Street Fair’s Net Increases Markedly

The Sherman Oaks Street Fair and Carnival made an estimated $25,000, according to the president of the Greater Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber President Barry Wegman said that his organization’s biggest fund-raiser of the year netted $7,000 to $8,000 more than it had last year. The fifth annual street fair, held Oct. 13 to 15, was co-sponsored by five public elementary schools in Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys.

Wegman said the main reason for the higher net is that the fair attracted more product vendors this year than last. Each vendor paid a fee for a booth. According to chamber officials, the fund-raising estimate is not final because the chamber has not received all bills related to the function.

The schools that helped run the street fair will get 66% of the first $16,000 made from the event and 51% of anything over that, Wegman said. The rest will go to the chamber, which will use it for its programs.


The five participating schools are Sherman Oaks, Kester Avenue, Dixie Canyon Avenue, Riverside Drive and Chandler.

The street fair occupied Ventura Boulevard from Cedros Avenue to Van Nuys Boulevard and featured more than 175 product vendors, 20 food vendors, musical acts and a children’s area.