Pacoima : ‘No Parking’ Signs Go Up on Glenoaks

“No Parking” signs have finally been installed along part of Glenoaks Boulevard near the Simi Valley Freeway in Pacoima.

Police and residents hope the signs will prevent owners of used cars from hawking their vehicles on weekends along the sides of Glenoaks Boulevard just south of the San Fernando city border.

Residents began complaining about the situation years ago, when the car sellers started usurping parking spaces, leaving trash and hassling pedestrians in the six-block area between Paxton Street and Arroyo Avenue.

But some residents, fearing reprisals from the used-car owners, refused to sign a petition required by city transportation officials to erect “No Parking” signs. It took the personal assurances of a Los Angeles Police Department senior lead officer and a representative of City Councilman Richard Alarcon to convince area residents that their anonymity would be preserved if they signed the petition.


Enough signatures were collected, and the signs went up late last week. And although police said on Monday that it’s too early to tell if the used-car owners are gone for good, residents said they feel better knowing police now have the power to ticket the owners of any cars parked in the area.

“We said the signs would go up before Thanksgiving, and they’re up,” said a spokeswoman for Alarcon. “Hopefully that area will start looking a little nicer now,” she added.