Voters Recall Doris Allen

Come, come now, let's be fair. Using words like "vengeful" and "intimidation" in your editorial ("Revenge Has Its Day--Again," Nov. 30) hardly describes this recall election accurately. Was it not reasonable for the voters who sent former Assembly Speaker Doris Allen (R-Cypress) to Sacramento to expect a modicum of allegiance from their elected official? A headline, "Deceitful Official Recalled," would have been more accurate. Perhaps you are revealing more about your disappointment in her recall rather than condemning those who brought it about.


Rancho Palos Verdes


* The Times continues to try to foment support for (non) Republicans (Allen and former Diamond Bar Assemblyman Paul Horcher) who ally themselves with Democratic intrigues for their own self-serving purposes. But both were recalled by substantial margins.

Well, The Times was obviously wrong in its continuous "news" blitz about how Orange County was deeply divided on the Allen issue. Is it possible that you could be equally wrong in other elements of your liberal assessment of the political scene?


Lake Forest


* The use of the recall election by the state Republican Party makes two things quite apparent.

One is that the party insists on mindless ideologues as its candidates and the other is that legislation is needed to prevent use of recall elections at taxpayer expense as a means of party discipline.

Given the current Republican mind-set, I doubt that either problem will be addressed.




* You guys just don't get it. Intimidation has nothing to do with the recall of either Allen or Horcher. Elected officials are no different than employees; when they don't perform as expected by their employer, they are dismissed. This can happen when either their contract/term expires or earlier through the recall-termination process.

Allen and Horcher presented themselves to be something they were not and their employer-supporters terminated their representation as they did not work up to the level of proficiency they had promised they would.

Why do you insist on elevating elected officials, when in reality they are nothing more than another employee or, bluntly, the hired help?

When properly administered, this process of hiring/voting for the representative of your choice works well. When properly used, the power of your vote either in choosing a representative or replacing a representative is the best form of term limits imaginable.




* Hell hath no fury like a white, male Republican scorned.

What is it with these young Republicans? Why can't they lose gracefully? They did dirt unto Allen and then got mad when she got even. Thirteen months left on her term and they have to have a recall election. And who is behind all this? The mouse that "Rohr'd" [Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Huntington Beach] and the tough ex-Marine in Sacramento [Gov. Pete Wilson]. They are a frightening duo.

Where are all of those anti-tax, anti-choice, anti-government, anti-poor Republican clones coming from? They all look like Newt Gingrich, they think like Newt and they spout the same hatred as Newt. I think this bough will bend any way his deal-makers tell him to.


Huntington Beach


* The recall of Allen goes to further prove that the GOP will not tolerate those who can think for themselves, rather than blindly follow the party pap. Let's hope Assembly Speaker Brian Setencich (R-Fresno) isn't next. We sorely need more like him.




* Assembly Majority Leader Curt Pringle (R-Garden Grove) thinks the selection of speaker is "about the Republican Party, the conservative movement, the future of our ideas" ("Allen Recall May Not End Speakership Fight," Nov. 30). Actually, it's not.

Pringle seems to think the mandate he received from his constituents applies equally to every member of the Assembly, even those who do not subscribe to his hard-right political line.

Pringle is an experienced politician. Surely he knows that 39 Democrats and a significant number of Republicans in the Assembly reject the harsh positions of the GOP leaders in Sacramento because they are obliged to respect the interests and wishes of the voters who elected them.

Maybe one day the extremists will constitute a majority in the Assembly. Until then, the zealots of the right may argue among themselves about anything they want for as long as they want, but it is premature and arrogant for them to regard the institution as little more than their own private caucus.


Van Nuys

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