Santa Ana Leaders’ Priorities Mixed Up

When are Santa Ana officials going to wake up and smell the coffee? As gang murders skyrocket toward record numbers, our city fathers and mothers are up at City Hall worrying about Santa Ana’s image.

Before they go to work on the image, they should concern themselves with providing a safe living environment for all citizens, from the elderly to the young, from “choirboys” to “homeboys.”

The problem is that our leadership, the city manager and the majority of the City Council, are out of touch with the majority of the people here, and don’t really understand what is behind the gang problem, nor do they really care.


Traffic issues in north Santa Ana are priorities, while the shootings, killings and senseless violence in our barrios are put on the back burner. If Santa Ana wants to clean up its image and put a dent in the gang problem, it must first create an environment of economic opportunity and equality. The leadership must stop the overregulation and taxation of our businesses, and work to bring businesses in, not chase them away to neighboring cities. Finally, they should focus on where the problems are, not just the votes.


Santa Ana