KENNEDY, to Andrea Baldonado and Michael, Dec. 15, a girl, Ashley.

JOHNSON, to Sharon and Dennis, Dec. 15, a boy, Nolan.

MANGIONE, to Judith and Lawrence, Dec. 15, a boy, Shane.

BARBOZA, to Barbara and Jorge, Dec. 15, a girl, Denise.

MUMME, to Jolene Gaeta and Brandon, Dec. 15, a girl, Shyann.

QUIROZ, to Noemi Perez and Osvaldo, Dec. 15, a boy, Osvaldo.

RUVALCABA, to Maria and Jose, Dec. 15, a girl, Mariana.

WERNER, to Dana and Scott, Dec. 15, a girl, Camille.

GOTT, to Charlotte Balzer and Kevin, Dec. 16, a girl, Kendall.

NAGANA, to Guadalupe and Jose, Dec. 16, a girl, Esmeralda.

NAGANA, to Cecilia Naranjo and Juvencio, Dec. 16, a boy, Luis.


BRYSON, to Julie and Gary, Dec. 16, a girl, Shelby.

DIETZ, to Jeanne and Robert, Dec. 16, a girl, Lindsey.

KITHCART, to Esther and David, Dec. 17, a girl, Mandie.

RAMIREZ, to Yolanda Vega and Rafael, Dec. 17, a boy, Christopher.

DAVIS, to Maria and Gregory, Dec. 17, a girl, Christina.

ADAMS, to Shauna Romano and Jesse, Dec. 17, a girl, Leah.

RIVERA, to Carmen and Jesus, Dec. 17, a boy, Kevin.

MONTES, to Patricia and Higinio, Dec. 17, a boy, Eduardo.

STRAUP, to Michelle Patrick and Richard, Dec. 18, a girl, Heather.

SMITH, to Sheryl Elerick and David, Dec. 19, a boy, Jesse.

VILLASENOR, to Leticia and Tobias, Dec. 19, a boy, Gregory.

PHILLIPS, to Elizabeth and Joshua, Dec. 19, a boy, Tanner.

KING, to Susan and George, Dec. 19, a girl, Angela.

RODRIGUEZ, to Marcelina Acosta and Jorge, Dec. 19, a boy, Jorge.

TURNER, to Lydia and William, Dec. 19, a girl, Melissa.

KIRTLAND, to Lorri and Kenneth, Dec. 20, a boy, Kyle.

PUGA, to Angelina and Oscar, Dec. 20. a girl, Jasmine.

PETRALBA, to Luisa Johnson and Rex, a boy, Rex.

GALLEGOS, to Andrea Silva and Cristobal, Dec. 20, a girl, Krista.

RADA, to Christina and Robert, Dec. 20, a boy, Nicholas.

ALVAREZ, to Brenda Munoz and Martin, Dec. 20, a girl, Amber.

SILVA, to Roxanne, Dec. 20, a boy, Joseph.

FUDGE, to Toshia and Tracy, Dec. 20, a boy, Trevonte.

MENDOZA CARDENAS, to Josefina Mendoza and Leobordo Cardenas, Dec. 21, a boy, Jesus.

LEARNED, to Doreen and Christopher, Dec. 21, a girl, Emily.

SERNA, to Christina and Freddie, Dec. 21, a boy, Christopher.

GRACE, to Suzanne and Charles, Dec. 21, a boy, Charles.

BABCOCK, to Janet and Bryan, Dec. 21, a boy, Alexander.

CORYELL, to April and Mark, Dec. 21, a boy, Alan.

SESSING, to Betty Ann and Gregory, Dec. 21, a boy, Micah.

WINANS, to Patricia and Brian, Dec. 21, a boy, Brice.

SALAZAR, to Johanna Holbert and Ruben, Dec. 22, a boy, Dominick.

JIMENEZ, to Evangelina Fajardo-Jimenez and Ricardo, Dec. 22, a girl, Lupe.

CORRAL, to Pamela and Dale, Dec. 23, a girl, Rachael.

CERVANTEZ, to Irene, Dec. 23, a boy, Jacob.

PAREDES, to Marcie Watanabe and Frederick, Dec. 23, a girl, Felicia.

MORAN, to Emily and George, Dec. 23, a boy, Jorge.

CLARK, to Kimberly Kiiski and Gary, Dec. 24, a boy, Garrett.

HODSON, to Rae-Ellen and Matthew, Dec. 24, a girl, Madison.

VARGAS, to Gabriela Rangel and Ernesto, Dec. 24, a girl, Natalie.

D’ANDREA, to Theresa and Gary, Dec. 25, a girl, Nicole.



SHERWOOD, to Jennifer and Mark, Dec. 16, a boy, Andrew.

KOCH, to Janice and Kevin, Dec. 17, a boy, Andrew.

VAN BENSCHOTEN, to Dee Ella and Paul, Dec. 18, a boy, Joshua.

LEE, to Glara and Charles, Dec. 19, a boy, Ryan.

PILOTS, to Melissa and Leo, Dec. 20, a boy, Blake.

HUNTER, to Julie and David, Dec. 20, a girl, Alisa.

LESTAK, to Peggy Corebett-Lestak and Richard, Dec. 21, a boy, Tyler.

WOOLLEY, to Sandi and Aaron, Dec. 21, a girl, Kayla.



RODRIGUEZ, to Alma and Tomas, Dec. 10, a girl, Valery.

PATINO, to Gabriela and Jose, Dec. 11, a boy, Ruben.

ALCANTAR, to Blanca and Humberto, Dec. 13, a boy, Cesar.

CACHU, to Bertha Romero and Jorge, Dec. 20, a boy, Jorge.

YANEZ, to Rhonda and Peter, Dec. 14, a girl, Katherine.

SERNA, to Julie, Dec. 15, a girl, Rainye.

BARRON, to Marisol and Juan, Dec. 17, a boy, Esteban.

McKISSICK, to Nichole Grady and Aaron, Dec. 19, a girl, Kaylee.

FOSTER, to Janice Stone and Victor, Dec. 19, a boy, Brandon.

DOUGHERTY, to Arline and Ken, Dec. 21, a girl, Dakota.