Proposed Bond Can’t Be Used to Buy PCs


The school district would not be able to use the proceeds from a proposed $32-million bond measure to purchase new computers, trustees learned in a staff report this week.

State law requires that bond money be used for capital improvements that could include video monitors and wiring, but not computers or furniture, according to a report presented to the board of the Santa Ana Unified School District.

Trustees had considered placing a bond measure on the June ballot that would ask voters to pay about $15 more a year in taxes per household to improve classroom technology.


Seeking ways to expand and modernize its schools, the district late last year commissioned a poll asking city voters whether they would support a tax for new school construction and technological improvements.

Only half of the respondents--less than the 66% needed to pass a bond measure--supported a tax for new school construction. However, about 71% said they would favor a levy to improve classroom technology.

The trustees said they would vote at their next meeting Jan. 23.