Kato Kaelin Ends His Stint as Talk Show Host on KLSX-FM

After five months as an afternoon talk show host on Los Angeles radio station KLSX-FM (97.1), Kato Kaelin has kissed his career there goodbye.

His agent, Raphael Berko, said Thursday that a “window of opportunity” had come up in television, film and a variety of charitable appearances and that Kaelin “decided to take it. . . . Being limited to radio just wasn’t appropriate.”

Berko declined to say specifically what TV and movie offers America’s most famous former guest house tenant has received.

Kaelin left the air two weeks ago on vacation.

Scott Segelbaum, spokesman for KLSX, said Kaelin “unfortunately was unable to make a five-day-a-week commitment so he chose to resign from the station.”

Asked about Kaelin’s ratings, Segelbaum said they were OK. “It has nothing to do with the ratings.”


Berko said Kaelin, who had had a year’s contract at KSLX, would still be doing promotions for the station, and that helped get him out of his contract.

Segelbaum said the station had no replacement yet for Kaelin’s 2 to 4 p.m. slot. But Riki Rachtman, a host on “Loveline” on KROQ-FM (106.7), is considered a strong contender.