Indonesia Ferry Wreckage Found, but Rescue Hopes Dim

<i> From Times Wire Services</i>

Authorities on Sunday located the wreckage of a ferry that sank in a storm, killing at least 54 people and leaving more than 100 unaccounted for.

The ferry was found in the Andaman Sea about six miles from its destination, Sabang. An attempt will be made to lift the wreckage, said Rozali Yusuf, head of the Rescue Command Post of Banda Aceh. He believes that many passengers were trapped inside the ferry.

But hopes faded Sunday that rescuers would find any more survivors of the accident off the coast of Sumatra in northwestern Indonesia.


The ferry, carrying 210 people, went down Friday night after hitting rocks on its way from Banda Aceh to Sabang.

The vessel sank quickly, according to exhausted survivors, some of whom said people were clinging to dead bodies to keep afloat.

Survivor Margaret Crotty, 23, of New York, said she swam for about 16 hours after jumping off the sinking ferry, which was laden with cement, building materials and two- and four-wheeled vehicles.

“Passengers were screaming and shouting. There was panic everywhere,” said Crotty, who now lives in Jakarta.