Open Primaries

Shirley L. Grindle is a longtime political reform activist and a former chairwoman of the county Planning Commission

As a longtime disenfranchised “decline to state” registered voter, I wholeheartedly support the passage of Proposition 198, which would allow all voters to select any candidate they choose in the primary election--regardless of their party registration.

It is my belief that many voters like myself abhor the partisan nature of our elections and would much prefer to vote for the best candidate, regardless of his or her party affiliation. I personally am embarrassed over Orange County’s reputation, for instance, that even Mickey Mouse could win in Orange County as long as he is a registered Republican. (Of course, nowadays, Mickey Mouse would have to be selected to run by Dana Rohrabacher, Curt Pringle, Tom Fuentes, Richard Ackerman and the rest of that bunch, who are doing their very best to control Republican elections in Orange County--and so far appear to be succeeding in their efforts.)

Proposition 198 will at least increase the options for most voters. It can’t do any more harm to our elections than is already being done by the aforementioned clique in their manipulation of the voters.