YOUNG POLITICOS: Teenagers at Adolfo Camarillo High...

YOUNG POLITICOS: Teenagers at Adolfo Camarillo High School are rallying around a plan to prevent sexually violent predators from moving into Camarillo State Hospital, even if that means the facility would have to be closed (B1). . . . More than 100 students have signed petitions saying, “Do not reward criminals with a superior mental health facility.” The signatures will be sent to Gov. Pete Wilson.

BIRTHDAY BASH: Artist Beatrice Wood turns 103 Sunday, and the Ojai Arts Center is throwing a party to celebrate. David VanGilder, who manages Wood’s studio, said the Ojai artist is recovering nicely from pneumonia and should make her appearance at the party about 6 p.m. The event begins at 5. . . . The gala opens a new exhibit, titled “Beatrice Wood CIII,” which features recent drawings, watercolors and ceramic figures by Wood and portraits of Wood.

TURNING POINT: The occasion was Cal Lutheran University’s annual banquet for the presentation of the school’s Landry Medal, named for former Dallas Cowboys Coach Tom Landry and bestowed for inspiring America’s youth. . . . Recalling the death of one of his own daughters to drugs, this year’s winner, Art Linkletter, 83, said it was a turning point for him in his own work with the young. “That terrible tragedy changed my whole life,” said Linkletter, who has been a strong anti-drug crusader ever since. “I began doing all the things that didn’t pay money, but paid in satisfaction.”

ROAD TO RECOVERY: Former Oxnard resident Alfredo Perez, shot in the brain while teaching a class at his Los Angeles school last week, is making remarkable progress, his doctors say (B16). . . . Perez, who grew up in El Rio, outside Oxnard, wrote his name and is even occasionally smiling. Doctors hold out hope that he may walk one day with a cane.