Countywide : Weekend Should Bring Cooling Trend

Unusually warm weather, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to mid-80s, is expected to last through today before cooling off somewhat for the weekend.

"As we go into Saturday what looks like will happen is we may see just a few more high clouds," said meteorologist Rob Kaczmarek of WeatherData Inc., which provides forecasts for The Times. "It'll be dry but a little cooler, and in the coastal sections it will be in the upper 60s." Inland areas will reach the 70s, he said.

Sunday should be slightly cooler than Saturday, Kaczmarek said.

Despite the unseasonably warm and sunny weather, it is still too soon to celebrate the advent of spring.

"I wouldn't go that far yet, because the way things look, it could possibly be turning wet again next week," he said.

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