Look at All Sides of Beating Case

The commentary by Bert Corona and Nativo Vigil Lopez ("Beating Case Spotlights Larger Issues," April 14) sounds like a hostile threat to me. In their biased, one-sided, blind, zealous, spiteful tirade, they express their "repugnance" and "disgust" at the "inhumane police acts of terror." They claim those acts of terror are very common now along the U.S.-Mexican border. They also blame politicians for creating the hostile anti-immigrant climate. They want a lot of other things like more money for citizenship assistance, less border patrol enforcement and no immigration reform.

They see the anti-immigration atmosphere, and they believe it is created by the politicians; they do not see people in this country legitimately trying to change a situation when hundreds of illegal immigrants a day cross their southern border. They do not seem to appreciate that this country gives them free education, medical care, welfare benefits and many other benefits, which is much more than what their government was giving them. Even the menial jobs they often do here are better than the jobs, or no jobs, in their country or they would not be here.

A lot of people condemned the beating; I did too. However, I was trying to see a full and more balanced picture. After reading this article and quite a few others, I feel threatened and angry. People like these two activists contribute to the strong anti-illegal immigration sentiment.



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