Hat Shop Closed After Protest

Re “Korean Closes Store That Blacks Picketed,” May 22:

Life is a series of challenges. The way in which we meet those challenges directs the success of our own journey. The encounter that now involves In-Suk Lee, the Rev. Lee May and the Rev. Sang-Won Shin shows retreat into one’s own culture to solve problems. What all are failing to accept is that solving the problem requires a mutual transcendence of their own cultures. Lee has failed to come to accept the culture of the country she is living in. And, rather than help his congregation acclimate into this culture while keeping their own values and traditions intact, Shin has reinforced their retreat. He should be helping his flock to work through their fears and open up their own gifts to the culture they have moved into.

May seems more interested in making a splash than truly solving the problem. He should dialogue with Shin on behalf of Lee. Shin should stop writing and start talking. He is a leader of his community. He should start acting like one. Christian churches should be opening the doors to a world of ministry and understanding between people and not closing their congregations in with self-righteous platitudes. If Lee can eventually come to meet May, I believe that the gift of a whole new world and understanding will be waiting for her.



Los Angeles